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Intuitive consultation helps trace and reveal the web of life, both past and future.  An intuitive consultant can assist others in finding clarity about what they face in the present and what lies ahead. 

Through intuitive development or assistance, a person can connect to those threads in the web of life which have the highest potential to produce positive outcomes in any given situation ~ to transform life for the maximum good.  Guidance can help give people and organizations courage and strength to make important, creative decisions for fuller, richer lives. 


Clients say:

“I came to Neal a skeptic and stayed on to become a student…. Neal always provides guidance that supports my quest to make the best choices.”  Judith C., Attorney, Reiki Master


“He has pointed out options and opportunities that have helped regenerate my focus and creativity.  I trust his advice, and have recommended him to friends.”  Janet M., Photographer


“He is warm and caring, and never fails to provide me with new and exciting insight.”  Sherry A., Entrepreneur

Stephen Neal Szpatura

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