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Animals in Our Dreams


Animals inhabit our dreams much more frequently than many of us realize. Exploring the meaning of their appearance can be helpful in understanding the gift the dream may offer.

 As with any symbol, the most important question to be answered about an animal-dream visitor may be, "What does that animal represent or mean to me?" Spend some time remembering instances of awareness of or interaction with that kind of animal in your life – not only your day-to-day life but also your fantasies, meditations and even your study or entertainment experiences.

Many traditional people believe that dream animals are spirit helpers who bring teachings, healings, blessings or warnings. Some schools teach that animals may represent aspects of yourself that need some specific attention.  Often, particular animals will make repeat appearances in your dreams over many years. Becoming aware of these visitations and tracking their evolution can provide profound understanding about how you and your life are changing.


Two of my most powerful dreamtime helpers are a beloved Springer Spaniel and wonderful Golden Retriever who were my kind and generous “twin sons of different mothers” animal companions for nearly sixteen years.  When THEY show up in a dream, I always pay extra attention, because they have always provided direct, inspiring and comforting dream wisdom and dream healing.


© 2005, 2008 Stephen Neal Szpatura


 An earlier version was published in Balanced Living Magazine,             

Stephen Neal Szpatura

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