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Pregnancy in Dreams


Pregnancies in dreams get almost as much attention as they do in our ordinary reality lives – even more so if you happen to be a 190-pound linebacker and you're the one whom the “DreamTime” has blessed with the bun in your oven. Dream babies actually tend to be a major interest for most of us.

Of course, the first thing to explore would be whether the dream was in fact precognitive, letting you know about a pregnancy or birth that might soon come to be. And if you knew yourself to be pregnant, many traditional peoples would suggest that your dream involved a visit from the spirit of your son-or-daughter-to-be or from an angelic guide who stopped in simply to share your joy.

On more symbolic levels, dream pregnancy may represent new levels of creativity, abundance or even healing that are currently becoming available and asking for you to access them. Babies can represent all of the wonderful things that we normally think of when we see a newborn – hope, joy, innocence, purity, infinite potential, the beginning of something new, the opportunity for a rebirth and more.

Let yourself sit with ALL the possibilities and just "feel your way" through them. Your intuition, mind and body will come together and help you understand what your dream has given you.            


© 2006, 2008 Stephen Neal Szpatura


An earlier version was published in Balanced Living Magazine,  


Stephen Neal Szpatura

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